The Birth Plan

Are the answers to any of these questions is YES?

Do you feel your previous birth experience could have gone differently?

Was a C-section forced upon you and you don’t want that to happen again?

Or you weren’t given enough time to give natural birth a try? Or that you weren’t listen to?

What if this is your first pregnancy and you are feeling anxious about giving birth because your friends and family have told you so many horror stories.

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I’ve figured out a proven process you can learn to take control over your birth plan and kick out the fear of having your baby---and give you a voice that you never knew you had.

I’ve created a proven process that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. And the first step is to see where you are currently and find out how we can work together towards the birth plan of your heart’s desire.

Together we will figure this all out and we will put a personalized birth plan into place.